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IV Therapy

Our signature IV drips are quick-acting and boast a 100% bioavailability, meaning they are easily absorbed by your body. These drips contain fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that are tailored to alleviate your symptoms efficiently, allowing you to feel better in no time.

Muse NAD+

This naturally occurring cofactor has the potential to offer several benefits, such as supporting healthy aging, augmenting cognitive function and energy levels, improving athletic performance, and potentially decelerating physical degeneration.

Hangover Recovery

If you're looking to recover after a late night out, our Reboot IV Kit can help alleviate symptoms associated with a hangover such as thirst, headache, and queasiness.

Myers' Cocktail

Lessen the effects of seasonal allergies, exhaustion, and inflammation, and revive your body's innate equilibrium.

Beauty and Rejuvenation

Diminish the visibility of fine lines, blemishes, and fatigued skin.

Immune Booster

Boost your body's defenses and recover quicker to feel healthier.

Recovery and Athletic Performance

Reduce the time it takes to recover and improve your abilities in sports or other physical activities.

Get Up and Go

Burn fat, feel energized and boost your metabolism

Detox Body Cleaning

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Weight Control

Burn fat, boost energy and support a healthy metabolism.