Valentine’s Day Promotions
Deep Facial Muse Special

Steam, Full Extraction, Microdermabrasion, High frequency, Facial Massage, Hydration with hydroplastic mask, Led light mask (Approximately 120 minutes of treatment)

Platelet Rich Plasma Facial

Platelet-rich plasma injection, or PRP, is a procedure in which the doctor injects patients with their own blood that has been treated to concentrate platelets in the plasma. PRP is used to support tissue regeneration, including hair growth, and works in conjunction with hair transplants and other procedures.

Three Platelet-Rich Plasma Facials $450

HCG Program

Lose weight quickly with our weekly HCG program

B12 + Lipotropic

The Lipotropic B12 Injections have the following benefits: Muscle recovery, helps you sleep better, Increased energy, Clean the liver and Decreased anxiety

Laboratory Tests

 6 Exámenes Básicos y esenciales para saber como esta tu salud y poder prevenir futuras enfermedades:Panel Metabólico (Metabolic Panel), Panel Hepático (Hígado) (Liver Panel), Panel de Tiroides (Thyroid Panel), Colesterol (Cholesterol), Triglicéridos (Triglyceride), CBC Panel